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Solar re-invented

What would solar look like, if it was invented today?

Starting from the ground up, 5B has reimagined the solar array as a portable, prefabricated, modular system.
That means you get a lower cost of energy, lower project risk and flexibility. Energy where you need it, fast.


Efficient line assembly cuts onsite labour by more than 50%


12 KW DC modular unit leaves factory electrically and structurally complete.

Four units fit in one standard 40′ HQ shipping container.

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A completely redeployable energy solution.

Flexible energy

Energy that moves with you. The array is easily relocated at minimal cost.

Each unit can be remobilised in under 10 minutes.

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Quick to Install

Maverick rapidly deploys on site.

Rapid deployment

Drastically reduced geotech, minimal ground preparation.

A plug-and-play unit ready to connect to DC isolator or inverter.

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Creates cost efficiencies at all stages of the solar project chain.

The smart choice

Simultaneously reduces material, labour and logistics costs.

Slashes project durations, driving down overheads.

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