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Why 5B?

At 5B we’re re-imagining solar energy for the future – developing cutting-edge technology that drastically reduces the cost of energy for our customers.

Founded by Chris McGrath and Eden Tehan in 2013, 5B has a bold vision to remake the energy mix here and abroad.

Recognising the need for change, we reengineered the solar supply chain and simplified how projects are delivered, using fewer materials, lightning-fast deployment and streamlined logistics.

The result is our flagship technology: a portable, prefabricated solar array. The MaverickTM unlocks new opportunities across the entire energy market, while reducing project risk for customers.

With our state-of-the art production facility in Alexandria and expert team of technologists, inventors and innovators, 5B offers a better way to build your ground-mount solar project.

Together, we can build a sustainable future powered by the sun.

Discover Maverick

Our vision is for a sustainable global society where all energy comes from renewable sources.

Our mission is to transform the world’s energy sources by delivering world-class technology that makes clean energy affordable and accessible.

  • We foster passion, innovation, creativity and happiness.
  • We are rational and apply first-principles to business and technological problems.
  • We uphold sustainability, honesty and integrity in all of our business activities.

Meet our team

Chris McGrath
Chris McGrathCo-founder, director and CEO
Chris is an inventor, engineer and renewable energy innovator on a mission to accelerate the global transition to clean energy. As development manager at Infigen Energy, Chris led the development of a 400MW+ utility scale solar PV development pipeline. More recently, as founder and director of Solar Fields (est 2011, 95 MW portfolio), Chris worked across government, communities and the private sector from early-stage development through delivery, project acquisition and project finance.
Eden Tehan
Eden TehanCo-founder, director and COO
Eden is a photovoltaics engineer with eight years experience in the Australian energy industry. Prior to founding 5B, Eden worked in Infigen Energy’s development team, and delivered Infigen’s first solar PV asset and Australia’s first merchant solar farm, the Capital Solar Farm, in 2013. Eden is passionate about putting great ideas into action, and ensuring all of 5B’s innovations have the scaffolding they need to be a success.
Jade Fennell
Jade FennellSenior Project Engineer
An experienced solar engineer, Jade has worked across the solar supply chain from lab, to production line, to operations control center. Her hands-on work in prototyping and moving Maverick along the product development chain has given her a unique insight into the product. Jade is passionate about streamlining the delivery of clean energy, and making solar accessible to all.

Nikita Shtepa
Nikita ShtepaLead Product Engineer
Nikita joined 5B in 2015, bringing a passion for renewable energy and strong prototyping skills to 5B’s arsenal. When he’s not inventing new ways to improve the solar supply chain, you’ll find him playing and writing music or dreaming about new inventions.
Thomas Hugues
Thomas HuguesProduction Manager
Thomas has 13-years experience in industrial and IT project management, including time spent as an Innovation, and later Transformation Plan project manager, at Airbus in France. He previously founded SAS Smartio, a medical electronic device maker, which he headed up for seven years.
Elizabeth Scott
Elizabeth ScottEngineer
Elizabeth is a mechanical engineer with a passionate social conscious and strong curiosity, making her a natural fit for 5B’s R&D team. Having honed her skills racing solar cars across Australia as a senior engineer on Sunswift Solar Racing Team, she divides her time between building prototypes in our factory and spearheading our marketing endeavours. As our newest engineer Elizabeth brings fresh insight to 5B as we continue to pioneer renewable technologies.