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Developers and EPCs

5B supply our modular array to PV projects from tens of kW up to multiple MW at industry-leading prices. We’re flexible in our scope: we can provide a range of services from DC array supply and shipment, to full deployment and commissioning of the DC array, cabling and inverters.

We provide comprehensive training and support for MAVERICK deployment by EPC crews. We’ve developed a standard design one-megawatt MAVERICK block with fully cost-optimised DC cabling and inverter design.

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Maverick at a Glance

  • A MAV is a ground-mounted DC solar array block of 40-90 PV modules.
  • MAVs can be made with any standard framed 60 or 72-cell PV module.
  • Modules are oriented in a concertina shape at a 10 degree tilt and electrically configured, ready to be integrated at site.
  • Each MAV weighs between 2.7 and 5.9 tonnes. When deployed the MAV is 5.5 metres wide, and 16.3 metres long (40 modules) or 38.6 metres long (90 modules).
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Maverick Spec Sheets

MAV brochure
5P5B Brochure
MAV brochure
5P6B Brochure
MAV brochure
5P9B Brochure[
MAV brochure
5P10B Brochure

Wingman – Our inverter solution


Cable Management



Wingman Spec Sheets

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Download Wingman Classic Spec Sheet
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Download Wingman Mini Spec Sheet
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Download Wingman Shed Spec Sheet

Applications – Mining, Construction, Landfills

5B provides a range of solar solutions to meet your energy needs, from small agricultural applications to large industrial and mining sites. MAVERICK offers the highest energy yield per hectare of land and as a result of its re-deployability, is perfect for short-term, industrial applications. With no geo-tech or civil works required, MAVERICK can be easily deployed on most ground types with minimal penetration.

MAV brochure
Download Project Highlights
MAV brochure
Download Project Highlights
MAV brochure
Download Project Highlights
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Introducing MAVERICK

We’ve developed the fastest, easiest and simplest way for you to deploy ground mounted solar.

We have redefined the engineering, procurement and construction of solar farms for EPCs and developers.

Our revolutionary approach combines modular design, prefabrication and rapid deployment – streamlining engineering & procurement and transferring cost, time & risk from your construction site to our factory.


Modular, prefabricated blocks
Pre-wired, plug & play
Minimal site preparation required
Suitable for most ground and soil types
Minimal ground penetration
No trenching needed


Fastest deployment on the market
200 kW+ per team / day
1MW per week, with only 3 people
Only three people per team
Minimal time on site
Prefabricated off site
Streamlined, rapid deployment on site
Integrated cable management and earthing


Up to 2 x more energy per area
Modular, scalable design
Reduces project soft costs
Robust ballasted configuration suitable for wind regions A to D (tropical cyclone proven)
Factory efficiency and quality
Streamlined logistics and high shipping density
Portable and re-deployable
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